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'Take it' is the second single from Murphey's upcoming EP. The song centres around the self-destructive nature of love. A subject often side stepped by many love songs. 'Take it' explores the idea that love can mean sacrifice, putting someone else's happiness before your own. The lines can easily begin to blur as small sacrifices become self-destruction. Acting with the best intention but to your own detriment. We are often so hung up on making a loved one happy that we can forget to look after ourselves.

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Soul singer-songwriter and producer, Murphey blends warm vocals over jazz keys, shimmering electric guitar and soft trumpet melodies. Sitting comfortably upon laid back beats, Murphey immerses his audience in the snug atmosphere his music creates. Drawing on influences from Sampha, Jordan Rakei, Daniel Caesar and J Dilla, to D’angelo, Chet Baker, John Coltrane and Bill Evans.


Having written and recorded every part of his upcoming debut EP, Murphey cements his distinct sound, setting the tone early on. Centred around the concept of loving someone, the EP explores the subject and delves into areas often ignored - comfort, self-destruction and naivety.


Murphey’s penchant for creating these warming, transportive atmospheres from track to track is evidently becoming a mark of his formidable, talented trade. With this, we are eager to see where his next journey will take us. - HIDDEN HERD. 


If you're interested in featuring Murphey on your platform please get in touch via email, we'd be happy to send over press shots and answer any questions.



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